Engelmann Ivy Virginia Creeper

Engelmann Ivy Virginia Creeper

The perfect vine for your landscape!

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Give this vigorous deciduous, woody vine plenty of room because it easily grows 30 to 50 feet a season, which makes it an excellent problem solver. It will quickly cover any unsightly problem area on the ground, such as an area of erosion, a barren patch, or a stubborn tree stump. It will also grow on almost anything: fences, arbors, pergolas, pillars, or even porous walls—no support needed, thanks to the adhesive hold fasts on its tendrils.

An extremely adaptable and easy-to-grow plant, it tolerates drought, a wide range of soils, and full shade. It grows heartily in part shade but exhibits the most fall color in full sun.

The color of this vine is everchanging: the purplish leaves of spring present dull green in summer and turn varying shades of purple and crimson by fall. From late spring through summer, small white flowers nestle among the foliage; and in the fall, they turn into blue-black berries that attract birds looking for a late-season snack.