Enhanced Composter Accelerator

Enhanced Composter Accelerator

Turbo-Charge Your Compost!

Twelve 16-oz Packets
Item # 35018
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Like a nitro boost for your compost batch or pile! This enzyme-rich mixture can increase decomposition rates by as much as 300%, so that you can have viable soil that much faster.

All you have to do is mix the Accelerator with water and add it to your compost bin or pile. The helpful enzymes will quickly absorb into your organic materials and aid the aerobic bacteria at work there. Now supercharged, these bacteria will eat and reproduce at a much faster rate. This supercharged decomposition cuts down on foul odors, too.

Each packet can treat over 24 cubic feet of compost. 12 packets total. This accelerator works in all weather. This product is a helpful way to keep that compost bin working all year, even through winter's chill.

This formulation is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. It is safe for use in any compost, even if it is going on to an edible vegetable garden. Dimensions (each bag): 7" Tall x 3¼" Wide x F¼" Thick. 12 16-oz packets.