Espoma® Bulb Tone

Espoma® Bulb Tone

Feeds Bulbs by Improving the Soil!

4 lb bag
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This premium plant food from the classic name in garden goodness is formulated specifically for bulbs and tubers. Espoma® Bulb Tone contains bone meal and other organics to meet the special nutritional needs of these plants, and has an NPK of 3-5-3.

Espoma® Bulb Tone also contains Bio-tone®, a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes that biologically enhances the food to ensure superior growth. This is Espoma's® unique recipe for safely and efficiently growing healthy bulbs every time!

Espoma® Bulb Tone feeds slowly and safely, giving bulbs and tubers a reservoir of food to carry them through the season. Trusted by gardeners season after season, it will become a mainstay of your potting shed.

One pound of Espoma® equals about 3 cupfuls. 4-pound bag.