Espoma Organic® Citrus-tone® Citrus and Avocado Food

4 Pound Bag
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Improve flowering, fruiting, and overall health

Feed your citrus and avocado trees, as well as fruit and nut trees the safe and effective way with Citrus-tone® from Espoma®. With just 3 applications a year, Citrus-tone® provides all the macro-nutrients your plants need to produce bumper crops while remaining healthy and vigorous.

Citrus-tone® has a guaranteed NPK analysis of 5% nitrogen, 2% phosphorous, and 6% potassium. It also contains Bio-tone®, Espoma's® own mix of beneficial microbes that help your plants absorb nutrients and fight off disease. This premium grade fertilizer contains only nutrient-rich ingredients, with no sludge or fillers. And all this garden goodness comes from all-natural organic ingredients that are completely safe for animals and the environment, and are slow-release so that the nutrients will not 'burn' your plants.

Use 1 cup of Citrus-tone® at planting time, mixing it in well with the soil around your new citrus, avocado, fruit, or nut tree. Thereafter, use it three times a year: in late winter to enhance flowering; in late spring (after flowering) to enhance fruit production; and in early to mid-fall to ensure that it has the best nutrition for next year's growth.

As your tree grows, you will want to apply Citrus-tone® around the outer edge of the branches, well away from the trunk. You can also use it with potted trees, but remember to apply it more frequently, as many nutrients wash out of containers. The package will give you complete instructions for application rates based on plant size and location.

For potted plants, use one teaspoon per 4" of pot diameter. Double for pots over 12". With frequent watering of potted plants, nutrients may be lost and more frequent application may be required. Feed every 60 days late winter to fall.

Espoma® is the name gardeners have trusted to help them grow premium plants for decades. Citrus-tone® will make a huge difference in the quality of your fruit production, as well as the growth and vigor of your plant. Start feeding this season.


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Size 4 Pound Bag
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