Espoma® Earth-tone Insect Control

Espoma® Earth-tone Insect Control

Broad-spectrum Spray for All Destructive Insects!

24 Oz.
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When it's time to get serious about insect control, rely on the trusted name of Espoma® to solve the problem the all-natural way! Using the active ingredient pyrethrin (derived from the Pyrethrum plant), Earth-tone Insect Control gets rid of destructive ants, aphids, mites, gnats, mealybugs, caterpillars, and more that would nibble your best plants to death!

This 24-ounce, ready-to-spray liquid can be used on every part of indoor and outdoor plants. Drench the foliage and fruit, then reapply in 2 weeks if the problem persists. You can use Earth-tone right up to the day of harvest for edible crops, and it's also great on all your ornamentals. If you've got bugs, you need Earth-tone! 24-oz bottle.


Thoroughly wet all parts of the plants. Do not wet plants to the point of runoff or drip. Repeat treatments in 1-2 weeks if needed. Do not apply more than 20 fl. oz. per 100 square feet of application.