Espoma® Palm-tone® 4 lb.

Espoma® Palm-tone® 4 lb.

Effective, organic slow-release formula

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If your garden is filled with tropical plants Palm-tone® is just what the doctor ordered! This all natural formula is slow-release and very long-lasting. It promotes healthier foliage growth and makes each leaf more lustrous and richly colorful while also giving your hibiscus its biggest blooms ever! What sets this product apart from so many others on the market is Espoma's® Bio-tone Microbe which give plants exactly what they need to succeed in your garden. No fillers, no sludges - just robust and beautiful plants!

Directions: One pound equals 3 cupfuls

Feed four times each year:

Early Spring, Late Spring, Mid-Summer, and Fall

Palm Feeding Schedule & Rates:

Palm trees should be fed 4 times per year; once every three months. Calculate the area beneath the leaf canopy of the tree and feed at a rate 3 lbs. per 100 square feet of area.

For potted plants, use one teaspoon per 4" of pot diameter. Double for pots over 12".

With frequent watering of potted plants, nutrients may be lost and more frequent application may be required. Feed every 60 days late winter to fall.