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'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell

Dark, rich foliage and a fall encore of blooms

Trade Gallon (3qt)
Item # 47775
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One of the most beautiful spring-blooming trees in the garden, this 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell delights with ultra-fragrant white blooms held wide open on striking maroon stems. The foliage is dark purple, acquiring green tones in shade, and the tree is happy to rebloom in early fall if kept consistently moist throughout summer. What more can one ask for.

Spring is the most glorious of 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbells seasons. The new foliage opens up in rich shades of violet, soon followed by hundreds of bell-shaped white blooms, dangling in great cascades on this upright, well-branched plant. Sweet-scented and very long-lasting, 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell contribute weeks of brilliance to the spring-into-summer garden. 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell continues to thrive throughout summer, then delivers its encore in early fall in most climates.

'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell reaches about 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, thriving in sun to light shade. The more shade 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell gets, the fewer blooms it will have and the greener its foliage will become, so let the sun in and enjoy the full radiance of this exceptional performer.

Great in both very cold and very warm climates, this Styrax is quite adaptable to less-than-ideal conditions. 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell looks delicate and fussy, but the opposite is true. You will find 'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell a pleasure season after season.