Evergreen Shrubs

Year-round color and texture

Evergreen shrubs (bushes) are woody plants that are typically short (less than 10 feet tall) multi-stemmed perennials that branch near the ground and have a sprawling habit. Evergreen shrubs are typically grown for their utilitarian and ornamental characteristics, offering year-round color and texture. They are especially good for soil stabilization and erosion control, but they also make beautiful borders and handsome privacy hedges, and many offer seasonal interest with fragrant flowers or bountiful berries.

Evergreen shrubs add structure and texture to the landscape. They come in a diverse array of sizes, shapes, and colors, but many can be pruned to maintain a desired appearance. And evergreen shrubs offer year-round color and coverage, which supports garden wildlife. Easy to grow, they are noted for their hardiness and vigor, and fruiting and flowering shrubs tend to be prolific, producing large quantities of fruit or clustered flowers.