Exclusive Herb Seeds

One collection creates a complete kitchen garden!

Our exclusive herb collections include some of the most highly recommended varieties and beloved blends, at bargain prices. You’ll find annuals and perennials, delicious savory herbs and pleasing aromatic herbs, general herbs and Provencal herbs. There are culinary herbs that add fresh bursts of flavor to your favorite Italian, Thai, Mexican, Asian, and American cuisine, and herbs to spice up soups, salad dressings, and dips. You're limited only by your imagination. And many of these luscious-leaved varieties also produce seeds with robust flavor and a chewy bite.

So, whether you’re growing in the garden or in containers, growing for fresh herbs or dried, or growing for culinary or crafting purposes, these economical collections offer herbs to fulfill all your needs. And just one collection creates a complete kitchen garden.

As always, our seeds are non-GMO. They exceed germination standards set by the Federal Seed Act and are packaged with extreme care. So, you can rely on our seeds arriving perfectly intact, garden ready, and prepared to grow.

For the earliest crops, sow herbs indoors in the late winter using one of our Bio Dome seed starter kits, and you’ll have healthy, deep-rooted plants for your spring garden. And of course, herbs grow well indoors year-round. Just plant in your favorite decorative pots with our Organic Seed Starter Mix, set on a sunny windowsill, water regularly, and your good to go.