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Exclusive Vegetable Seeds

We bring you only the very best!

Park Seed has been synonymous with gardening for over 150 years. So, we know a good vegetable when we see it. The exclusive varieties in this category deliver exceptionally high yields and superior flavor. Whether Park’s iconic Whopper varieties, our classic heirlooms, or our garden breakthroughs, these veggies impress even the most seasoned gardeners and become reliable family favorites in home gardens, year after year. And they’re only available here.

Bred for home gardens not mass production, these plants don’t yield the tough fruits meant to endure long transports from industrial gardens to grocery store shelves. No, these plants bear the fresh, tender, and sweet fruits that only home gardeners get to experience, bred with excellent flavor as the ultimate goal: the tomatoes taste tangy, the cucumbers crunch, and the peppers please with pizzazz.

We offer a large variety of exclusives. Some are early season; some are late season. A few come as no waste seed tapes, and others come in collections of highly recommended varieties and beloved blends, at bargain prices.

No matter your choice, you can rely on our vegetable seed arriving garden ready. Always non-GMO, our seed exceeds industry germination standards and is packaged with extreme care. Many seeds are shipped in our exclusive Fresh-Pak gold foil packets to keep seeds fresh by keeping moisture out. Some small seeds are offered as clay-coated "pellets" to make sowing and growing easier. And very tiny or fragile seeds are placed in crush-proof vials to ensure they arrive perfectly intact.