MixMasters™ Eye Caramba

MixMasters™ Eye Caramba

Sun-proof, Fade-proof, Fatigue-proof Color!

Rich blues and bold purples contrast with spanking-clean whites on this unusual, highly prized combo! This combination of 9 plants (3 per 4-inch pot) is ready to keep your sunny landscape overflowing with bright color and winged visitors from late spring until well into fall . . . no matter what tricks the weather decides to play!

Eye Caramba is the perfect antidote to all the yellows, pinks, and reds of other annuals. This combo contains Petunia ColorBlitz™ Bluerific, Verbena Aztec® Violet Wink, and Calibrachoa Cabaret® White. Both the Petunia and the Verbena are purple with white eyes, while the Calibrachoa is solid white, creating a lovely bicolor mix that offers varying bloom sizes, shapes, and silhouettes. These cool-toned colors are rich and long-lasting, refusing to fade in the summer heat and sun. Very low maintenance, they often begin blooming before spring is out, go right through summer, and then persist in fall until nipped back by frost! How many annual plantings can we say that about?!

All three of these plants are pollinator magnets, and all thrive in full sun. They will grow and bloom their best with regular water and food, of course, but they can withstand a little hardship. And butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds adore them! What a great investment in the container garden -- they work perfectly in planters, windowboxes, and hanging baskets!

We have set one plant of each type into every 4-inch pot, so the Petunia, Verbena, and Calibrachoa grow up and through one another, creating a "pre-mixed" combination of colors and forms you will love. You only need 1 pot per 6-inch flowerpot. Use 2 pots for an 8- to 10-inch pot or basket, and all 3 for a 12-inch or larger container. Pack of three 4-inch pots.

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