Crocus sativus

Crocus sativus

Like Glowing Blue Lights in the Sunny Fall Garden!

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One of the best sources of carefree color for the fall garden, Crocus speciosus is a magnificent groundhugging lilac-blue bloom, easy to grow and eager to naturalize. This beauty opens its large 3-inch blooms before the foliage appears, making a stunning show in the cool autumn border or your best containers!

Introduced to Europe from the Middle East around 1800, Fall-blooming Crocus is compact and just a few inches tall, but what a show it produces! The flowers have a chalice shape and open wide, revealing darker blue veins, lively orange styles, and bright yellow anthers. On overcast days, they remain closed, creating an elegant urn-like look that is almost as fun as the wide-open petals!

Fall-blooming Crocus naturalizes happily in good soil receiving full sun to part shade. It likes warm, fairly wet summer weather -- this is not a drought-tolerant bulb! But given adequate moisture and good soil drainage, it will bloom and increase for years. And of course it's very cold hardy -- to -40°F -- and untroubled by diseases and pests.

The fall garden is always in need of some brilliant color, and we gardeners are always in need of another low-maintenance plant to carry us through the busy days of falling leaves and garden clean-up! Treat your landscape to Fall-blooming Crocus, and keep the color coming into the cooler weather! Zones 3-8.