Make the Most of Fall Planting Time

The fall season passes quickly. What can we do to make the most of our limited time in the garden?

Prepare Planting Sites

As it gets colder, it will no longer be safe to ship some plant items to northern hardiness zones. And if you live in frost-prone zones and are expecting plants in the mail, take a moment to prepare your planting hole now, then mulch it over. That way, it will be ready to go even if an early frost makes the ground hard.

Here in the south, we still have a few more weeks of good planting weather, and we should take advantage of it. A few things to do:

Sow Bulbs and Seeds for Spring

This is the perfect time for planting flower bulbs or wildflower seeds for next season, adding new shrubs or trees to your garden, and getting those roses into the ground. planting now will give all your plants time to establish over the winter and really shine next spring. Fall really is the best time for planting–it’s cool, there are fewer pests, and your plants perform better in the spring.

Start Amaryllis in early fall for blooms over the holidays!

Order Amaryllis Bulbs

Also, be sure to order your amaryllis for the holidays very soon. You want to give them about 6 weeks to bloom if you are going to decorate with them this holiday season. Live decorations are also great gifts–give an amaryllis today.

close up of red and white amaryllis flower

Order Amaryllis & Flowering Gifts