Wavy Gravy Leopard Plant

Wavy Gravy Leopard Plant

Frizzy Foliage and Fall Flowers!

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Have you grown Leopard Plant yet? It's a really useful and beautiful shade perennial, found in the wild alongside creeks in Japan, and lovely in moist garden soil and containers of all kinds. Wavy Gravy introduces a frilly foliage that may remind you of kale, and boasts the same yellow flowers of the species. It's very distinctive in any shady setting!

Wavy Gravy is a well-branched plant reaching about 2 feet high and not quite as wide, with its foliage held in frilly rosettes. Nothing else in the garden looks quite like it! The leaves are blue-green and remain evergreen, for this Leopard Plant is hardy only in warmer climates south and west of zone 6. The yellow blooms appear in fall and last a long time, adding another season of interest to this plant.

Few perennials are as easy to care for as Wavy Gravy. Give it moist to slightly damp soil of reasonable fertility (if growing it in a container, replace the soil every year or so, and/or amend with a fertilizer as you would any other flowering plant), and it's good to go for years of beauty!

Wavy Gravy belongs to a genus that used to be known as Ligularia, but has recently been reclassified as Farfugium. Same plant, new name! Give it a go this season -- we think you'll love the results!