Favorite™ Pomegranate

Favorite™ Pomegranate

The Hardiest Pomegranate Yet

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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One of the hardiest, most impressive, and simply delicious ornamental edibles, this very compact shrub sets brilliant blooms and delectable fruit. Needing very little attention, Favorite™ earns its name with each new season.

The small, very sweet fruit begins setting just a season or two after you plant this shrub—no more waiting season after season for those first fruits. It is light red and utterly delicious.

Just as terrific as the fruit are the blooms on this compact shrub. They begin in early summer, a vivid shade of orangy-red, and continue all season. Even if you never harvested a fruit from Favorite™, it would be worthy of a place in your garden for the ornamental value of its blooms.

Favorite™ thrives under just about any conditions, from windy, moist coastal settings to the still, dry, hot desert. Site it in a sheltered southern or eastern location (a walled patio is ideal). Fruit will set in all locations, but will only ripen and become edible in warm climates. Expect it to reach just 4 to 6 feet high and wide after 10 years' growth. Needs well-drained soil.

This is a non-GMO item and is grown with sustainable and ecologically sound growing practices.