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Desert King Fig

Desert King Fig

Large early crop!

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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This lovely fig thrives in cool climates and produces a large early crop! Beautiful large green skinned fruit has a delicious strawberry like flesh. It has attractive texture and color. Place this fig on the coast, in a container, or in an urban garden! Perfect companion plants for this fig are Rosemary, Grape, Lavender, Raspberry, and Strawberry! Birds will love this tree and it is fast growing and easy to care for!

Figs LOVE the sun! They perform best in the sunniest spot as well as having a well drained soil. Figs are perfectly ripe when they are at the point of falling apart. Once they fall off, they don't ripen much more so make sure you pick them at the proper time! They are super easy to maintain and are a true gourmet delight. You will never completely enjoy a fig until you grow it yourself. Also, deer leave them alone!