Italian Honey Fig

Italian Honey Fig

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Nothing compares to the rich, sweet flavor of fresh tree ripened figs! With this slow-growing, very heavy-bearing variety you get not one but TWO crops of yummy figs every year -- from a tree that reaches a generous but very manageable 15 feet high!The delicious, honey fleshed fruit of this hybrid does not need hot summer weather to ripen, so plants produce two generous crops each year, even in the North! You don't need another Fig for pollination, either (though your yields will improve with other Figs nearby.) This fruit is excellent fresh, dried, or preserved!Bareroot (1-2 feet). Zones 7-10.

A beautiful green fruit with amber flesh. This fruit tree is attractive and does great in containers. This fruit is perfect for the Northwest with cool summers! It is commonly known as the White Marseille, Lattarula or the Lemon Fig. You can easily dry the skin or eat it fresh for a tart flavor! Place this fruit tree in your home orchard or on your patio to have fresh fruit all season long. Adding a deep organic mulch can help moisture levels and the competition for weeds.

Figs LOVE the sun! They perform best in the sunniest spot as well as having a well drained soil. Figs are perfectly ripe when they are at the point of falling apart. Once they fall off, they don't ripen much more so make sure you pick them at the proper time! They are super easy to maintain and are a true gourmet delight. You will never completely enjoy a fig until you grow it yourself. Also, deer leave them alone!