Kwik Kombos™ Fire and Ice™ Combination

Kwik Kombos™ Fire and Ice™ Combination

Icy Heat for Sunny Spots!

They say opposites attract, and never has that been more true than with this stunning blend. The glowing yellow of the Bidens Mexican Gold™ partners perfectly with Petunia Dekko™ Red to create a roaring flame of beauty that is matched only by the icy shades of Lobelia Techno® Heat Electric Blue. This combination of 9 plants (3 per 4-inch pot) will keep your flowerpots, hanging baskets, and planters "icy hot" over 3 seasons!

Bidens Mexican Gold™ grows about a foot tall and spreads up to 16 inches across, making it a great choice of filler in containers and borders. While admiring the countless golden daisy-shaped blooms adorning trailing branches, one can't help but to feel richer!

Petunia Dekko™ Red is a vigorous, mounded plant which offers rich crimson blooms throughout the season. It spreads as well, trailing up to 2 feet over the sides of containers. This regal red beauty simply demands to be admired!

Lobelia Techno® Heat Electric Blue really teaches a lesson in the beauty of contrast with its gorgeous sky blue flowers sending a cooling wave among its warmer-toned counterparts. This Lobelia also boasts a spreading, trailing habit and will turn any planter into an instant fountain of crystal blue. This variety is a low-grower that reaches only 10 inches high max, but can spread up to 22 inches.

Each of these flowers is a treat on their own, but grown together in 4-inch pots, they create a symphony of varied colors and shapes that is truly remarkable. Grow your own easy blended beauty today! Pack of three 4-inch pots (9 plants in all).

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