Sapphire Surf™ Bluebeard

Sapphire Surf™ Bluebeard

Blooms All the Way to the Ground!

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Sapphire Surf™ is a tsunami of color, swelling with rich royal blue blooms from head to toe! This exceptional hybrid of Caryopteris clandonensis is far more floriferous than other Bluebeards, and with such a rich color!

Also known as Blue Mist Spirea, this compact shrub stays under 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide, creating a big impact even in a small space. It makes a lovely splash of color in a container or a border, but looks most beautiful in a long hedge (think of a row of Lavender). Butterflies can't resist these blue blooms, adding even more color to the garden!

The foliage of Sapphire Surf™ is attractive and aromatic all season long before the blooms come on in late summer, lasting into early fall. Its flowers are a rich, hard-to-find shade of blue, and make fine cut flowers!

Space Caryopteris shrubs 3 to 4 feet apart in well-drained soil in full sun in the North or partial shade in the South. If you choose to prune them, the best time is late winter once the worst cold spells have passed, but Sapphire Surf™ is so naturally compact and densely-branched that there is rarely any need! Zones 5 to 9.