Flawless® Flora-Tea Rose

Flawless® Flora-Tea Rose

Perfect Hybrid Tea Form on Solitary Stems!

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Enormous, wonderfully fragrant, fully double, perfectly formed hybrid tea blooms simply cover this Flora-Tea in waves all summer long, wowing garden visitors and filling your best vases with long-lasting, exquisite color. An ultra-compact shrub with the habit more of a Mini-Flora than a Flora-Tea, Flawless® is a showstopper in garden or container. It belongs in a place of honor in your landscape!

Though just 2 to 3 feet high and wide, this upright, spreading shrub sets masses of long-stemmed, solitary blooms beginning with the first hint of summer heat. The flowers open very slowly, releasing their powerful raspberry fragrance over a period of several weeks as the pastel-pink (with hints of salmon!) petals unfurl. Such rich color and scent, such perfection of form!

These blooms reach 3¾ inches wide, and look much larger on the petite habit of this shrub. Each bears 17 to 22 petals and a scent so intense that it is shared by all neighboring plants in the garden. Flawless™ is a rose to fall in love with!

And it is more than simply beautiful flowers. Flawless™ comes from hardy northern European stock on the Kordes Rose side of its parentage (its pollen parent is 'Laguna'), and is hardy in northern climates through zone 5 with minimal winter protection. Yet it is also a heat- and humidity-tolerant shrub, bearing the long summers of the south and west with ease. Its seed parent, 'Perfection,' was a Mini-Flora, and Flawless™ has the Mini-Flora habit, well-branched and spreading as well as upright. Ideal for your best containers, but also weather-tough and beautiful in the shrub or perennial border!

Flawless® is destined to become a superstar in your garden. Its over-the-top flower size and fragrance make it irresistible, and its gardenworthy habit -- adaptable, rough-and-ready -- conquers environmental stresses. Pick up an extra Flawless® shrub just for cutting, and then place these exceptional roses where they will get full sunshine and great soil drainage. You are on your way to decades of beautiful summers! Zones 5-11.