Florentina™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

Florentina™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

Petal-packed, Fragrant Blooms!

Every deep crimson bloom is packed with up to 70 velvety petals on this exquisite climbing rose from Germany. Bred for exceptional cold-hardiness, disease resistance, and perfection of bloom, Florentina™ is part of the Arborose® series of distinctive climbing roses.

Florentina™ has all the beauty of an Exhibition-quality hybrid tea on a large, free-flowering vertical habit. At maturity this climber reaches anywhere from 6 to 10 feet high and up to 6 feet wide, every inch covered in dense foliage, plenty of pest-repelling thorns, and gorgeous blooms. Expect a big showing at the beginning of summer, followed by an occasional rebloom late in the season.

Many modern climbers do not boast much fragrance, but Florentina™ is the joyful exception. You will smell this rose before you see it, and should you choose to cut some of the long-stemmed double blooms for the vase, they will perfume the entire room! So beautiful, so abundant!

Florentina's™ flexible canes make this climber easy to train, whether you want it to ramble across a low stone wall, to espalier on a fence or frame, or reach for the sky and scale a trellis or arbor. The canes are quite thorny, so put on your gloves and rein this rose in! Of course, it's a fine companion to Clematis, and is stunning around a patio, deck, or other outdoor entertainment area.

This rose was bred in Germany, and you will find it quite cold-hardy. Give it full sunshine, excellent soil drainage, and plenty of food and water throughout the season, as well as a hard prune in earliest spring to remove dead wood and encourage even more branching and blooming!