Flowering Daisy Birdbath

Flowering Daisy Birdbath

Beautiful Handpainted Detail Plus Lock-on Security!

natural, hand-painted
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Beautifully hand-painted with flower detail, this birdbath was crafted in the USA from the finest clay, finished to perfection, and designed with a lock-on feature to keep the top bowl from slipping off the pedestal. Certain to delight all the birds, butterflies, and other wildlife in your landscape for years to come, it's an ideal gift for any gardener or homeowner . . . particularly yourself!

Made of clay that is finished with weatherproof toughness and beautifully decorated with a pattern of daisies, this birdbath stands 2 feet tall, including the many-rimmed bowl (which is 17 inches in diameter). Best of all, the bowl is secured to the pedestal with a lock-on construction, so it won't go crashing to the ground when the cat jumps on one end or you accidentally knock into it with the wheelbarrow. The lock is easy to disable, too, making the bowl a snap to remove for cleaning.

Most birds and all butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds prefer very shallow water with "landing strips," so you may want to decorate the interior of the bowl with pebbles, colored glass, or other attractive objects that will provide the smallest wildlife with a foothold. Have fun creating a new look for it every season, or choose your favorite stones and keep them looking their best by immersing them in the bath!

If you are designing a pollinator garden this season, this birdbath can become the focal point, with butterfly- and bee-friendly plants located nearby as sources of nectar for winged guests. If you have a large front lawn, place the birdbath in a central spot, either with or without surrounding plants. It will stand out nicely, the natural gray decor of the clay blending well with the green landscape. Or put it on the deck among your potted plants and watch the butterflies discover another place to sip nectar and refresh themselves!

We are proud to offer this American-made birdbath. Have fun with it!

Weight: 13 lbs

Dimensions: 24 inches high by 17 inches in diameter (top bowl)