Flowerpot Hummingbird Feeder

Flowerpot Hummingbird Feeder

Slides Right into Any Garden Container!

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At last, a hummingbird feeder designed for potted plants! You need no overhanging branch or mounted bracket to suspend this perfect single-port feeder above your favorite flowering plant, just where the hummers like it best! And you can move it around the garden as seasons change and new plants come into view . . . or simply to give other areas of the garden the spectacular view of these winged visitors!

Very lightweight, this feeder is simply a tube held horizontally and fitted with a bright red stopper, then placed within a snug copper wire that slides effortlessly into the soil. Humingbirds like the height of hanging baskets and windowboxes, and will be drawn not only to the red stopper but also the dangling red ball just below the feeder. Pretty, convenient, and irresistible to your winged friends!

This feeder is easy to clean and refill. Make up a batch of nectar (1 part sugar to 4 parts water, boiled, cooled, and then refrigerated until needed) and have it on hand to refill the single-port tube each time you move the feeder, or every two weeks (more frequently in hot weather). The hummes will thank you all season long with their presence!

The tube of this feeder is 5 inches wide when held horizontally for feeding, and 1 inch in diameter. It fits into a length of coiled copper wire 17 inches high. Long-lasting, weather-resistant, and charming!