Forest Succulent Terrarium Kit - Seeds Included

Forest Succulent Terrarium Kit - Seeds Included

Grow a Glorious Succulent Garden -- Anywhere!

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If you have ever wished to design and grow a succulent garden in a terrarium, this kit provides you the ideal opportunity. Choose a vessel and use the contents of the kit (including a packet of Hens and Chicks sempervivum seeds!) to create the perfect indoor growing environment.

The Forest Terrarium Kit comes with everything you need to create the ideal setting for your succulents:

Mossy Fir Bark from Douglas Fir trees

Sheet Moss to create a soft, springy top layer

Forest Moss for hairy, nutrient-rich, well-aerated soil

Spanish Moss of rich grassy green, a fine moisture retention agent

Decorative Stones to filter excess water and provide a place for deep rooth growth

Natural Branched Lichen for long-term soil-building.

The Forest Terrarium Kit also includes a packet of 300 seeds of mixed Sempervivum seeds. These succulents hug the soil, forming elegant rosettes in various colors and trailing from offshoots of the parent plant. They are an ideal terrarium subject, growing well in a high-light, enclosed setting.

Use your imagination to create the perfect terrarium garden -- and pick up a few extra kits to give as gifts. What fun to design terrariums for everyone on your holiday list, or plan an activity with children that may introduce them to your love of gardening. Enjoy!

Container NOT included.