Forever Red Mountain Laurel

Forever Red Mountain Laurel

Rich Color that Extends Your Season!

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Have you ever seen such brilliant magenta-raspberry hues? Believe it or not, you are looking at buds, not blooms! Forever Red is a Mountain Laurel that keeps its buds only partly open all season, so they point straight up and remain colorful for weeks beyond the flowering period of other varieties!

Introduced by Dick Jaynes, one of the premier Mountain Laurel breeders in the world today, this compact shrub is an absolute blaze of red from early summer onwards. Outlasting all others, it extends your Kalmia season and offers an attention-getting accent for any sunny (in the north) to partly shaded (farther south and west) garden spot. You simply can't beat it for stop-in-your-tracks color!

Usually grown with Azaleas and Camellias in acidic soil, Mountain Laurel is a native shrub treasured by gardeners everywhere. It is virtually maintenance-free, happy to grow and bloom for several decades provided its roots are left alone and its soil remains rich in acid. Pamper it for the first season to get it established, then let it go. Forever Red will live up to its name!

The product of crosses between tightly-budded MacLise and brilliant red Raspberry Glow, Forever Red outdoes both its parents in bud production and longevity -- not to mention that unforgettable color. The buds develop about a week after those of wild Mountain Laurel, and of course remain beyond the flowering time of nearly every other wild and cultivated Kalmia. Give this shrub a good mulch to keep the soil temperature from fluctuating too much, and if drainage is a problem in the garden, consider mounding up the soil to create a raised setting for this Kalmia. A little attention at planting time will yield beautiful rewards for many years to come! Zones 5-9.