Fourth of July™ Climbing Rose

Fourth of July™ Climbing Rose

One of the Best Roses of the Decade!

Extensively trialed before introduction, an immediate award winner, and the recipient of praise from gardeners across the country, Fourth of July™ receives our highest recommendation as a repeat-blooming, fragrant, colorful Rose!

Fourth of July™ was introduced in 1999 by master breeder Tom Carruth, and boasts abundant clusters of big, semi-double flowers of deep red striped with clean white. They offer a petal count of 10 to 16 and a rich, enticing fragrance that combines apples with sweet roses -- utterly irresistible! Best of all, they bloom heavily early in the season, then cheerfully repeat all summer.

This Rose comes by its good looks and exceptional garden vigor honestly. It is descended from R. 'Roller Coaster' x 'Altissimo,' and underwent 3 years of formal trials before being introduced -- a very long period indeed, but this Rose was special! It promptly won an All-America Rose Award in 1999, the first climber in a quarter century to do so. And then the raves began pouring in from the first lucky gardeners to plant this standout beauty!

Many experts consider Fourth of July™ the best Rose introduced in the past decade. Its climbing canes reach 12 to 14 feet tall, with fresh, healthy foliage. North or south, east or west, it demonstrates uniform vigor and flower color. And it reblooms beginning the very first year in your garden -- highly unusual for any Rose!

Fourth of July™ makes a fine companion to other climbing Roses and Clematis in the garden. Give it a sturdy trellis, wall, pergola, or other structure to climb, and let it go! Zones 6-9.