Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Rose

Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Rose

5-inch blooms show best color in cool weather!

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Treat yourself or your best gardening friend to this stunning hybrid tea! 'Fragrant Cloud' does exactly what its name suggests -- envelops you in an intriguing scent that combines the clove-y aroma of pumpkin pie with a floral sweetness and a deep, rich rose fragrance. One sniff will make a convert out of you, even before you see the huge, coral-washed blooms!

Even if it weren't fragrant, this rose would endear itself with its color and form. The deep orange blooms suffused with coral measure 5 inches across and have the symmetrical, long-lasting form of the finest hybrid teas. Cool weather enhances the color of the flowers, making 'Fragrant Cloud' a good choice for northern and late-spring climates.

Arising in early summer, the flowers are backed by glossy, dark green foliage on robust plants 4 to 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. A good choice for a hedge or the back of the border, this rose is well-branched and dense. Zones 5-9.