Fragrant Valley™ Sweetbox

Fragrant Valley™ Sweetbox

Fine Foliage and Fantastic Fragrance!

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Available Feb 10, 2020 to open plant zones. View schedule.
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Plant Patent 19,942. Cultivar name: 'Sarsid1'

Conveniently compact and pleasantly perfumed, this Sweetbox shrub is a rock-solid addition to the landscape with a great bonus: it releases a delightful fragrance in late winter!

An evergreen shrub much smaller and more spreading than the species, Fragrant Valley™ reaches just 1½ feet high but quickly spreads up to 3 feet wide. It offers a very dense and well-branched habit, with glossy deep green foliage that is narrower than most other varieties. This gives it a finer texture and an even more full, lush look.

The shrub is attractive year-round simply because of its foliage, but the sweet-scented late winter blooms add a whole new merit to the plant! Fragrant Valley™ wakes the garden from its long winter nap to begin another year of glory in the shade, with masses of small white blooms dotting the plant! They persist for several weeks in late winter, tucked down in the foliage where you will smell them rather than see them!

The perfect plant for troublesome dry shade, Fragrant Valley™ is a Canadian introduction that boasts greater uniformity in size than other cultivars. This means you can create a low hedge or ribbon of evergreen color in the garden without any need for pruning or shaping. Add Fragrant Valley™ to your landscape this season for year after year of great color and fragrance! Zones 5-9.