Frankly Scarlet Floribunda Rose

Frankly Scarlet Floribunda Rose

A Quicker, More Prolific Rebloom Means Constant Color!

The combination of rich red blooms and strong, spicy fragrance makes Frankly Scarlet an exceptional floribunda -- even before you realize that it's prepared to rebloom all summer long! This vigorous rose delivers more flowers in one season than most others, and such lovely blooms they are!

Fully double and measuring 4 inches across when entirely open, these blooms arise in large clusters on long, elegant 14- to 16-inch stems. They open from long, pointed, ovoid buds into the classic hybrid tea form: high-centered, reflexed, and absolutely gorgeous! Cut all you like for the vase; with Frankly Scarlet, there are usually more coming in no time!

This rose is compact, just about 3 feet tall and wide, so it can be grown in containers as well as the sunny garden. Its foliage is glossy, leathery, and deep green, keeping the shrub attractive even out of bloom.

Give Frankly Scarlet an annual early-spring prune to remove dead and crossed canes, and keep it watered and fed all season. You will be richly rewarded for many years to come!