Friends Embrace Floribunda Rose

Friend's Embrace Floribunda Rose

A Jackson and Perkins 2014 introduction!

Bareroot Grafted
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Give your guests a warm welcome with this charming new rose, which is a 2014 Jackson & Perkins introduction! Like drops of golden sunlight, clusters of yellow, spice-scented, 3-inch blossoms appear throughout the season, opening from lovely pointed buds and inviting visitors to delight in the 15 delicately ruffled petals and enticing fragrance. Like all floribundas, they grow in clusters, so one snip will give you a sensational bouquet to brighten your home.

The attractive shrub is wrapped in glossy, dark green leaves from which the flowers stand out like beacons in the night! Reaching a mature size of just 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, it will make a stunning addition to your beds, borders, and hedges, as well as patio containers, growing more and more dazzling with each passing year. This is one rose you do not want to miss!

'Friend's Embrace' should be pruned in the spring, with the removal of old canes and dead wood. Cut back canes that cross each other. Gardeners in warmer climates will want to cut the remaining canes by one-third, while those in colder climates will probably need to trim it a bit more. It can be grown in the ground or in a container (will require winter protection if planted in a container). Zones 5-9.