Easy Fruit Kits

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There is nothing quite like homegrown fruit picked fresh from the garden. Supermarket fare can never compare. However, getting the right combination of plants to produce abundant harvests can be, well … tricky. Although some fruiting plants are self-pollinating, many require more than one plant for fruit production. Some fruits, such as kiwi, require cross-fertilization of a male and a female plant, while others, like apples, only require a separate cross pollinator, and some grapes require three plants. But don’t worry. We have done all the research for you and have chosen mutually beneficial plants that work best together to ensure you get bumper crops every year.

Whether a fruiting tree or vine, these plants not only produce healthy flavorful fruits but also add ornamental value to the landscape. And they attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees, contributing to the overall health of the garden.

So, hesitate no longer. Our fruit kits take all the guess work out of fruit growing and make it as easy as possible to produce some of the most popular varieties in your very own garden. And in no time, you will be eating and juicing fresh fruits, baking your favorite fruited pies and pastries, and making jams, jellies, and ciders—bon appétit.

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