Easy Fruit & Mushroom Kits

Kits simplify edible growing and supply just what you need for success

Few things are as satisfying as an edible garden. Supermarket fare can’t compare to your own homegrown garden harvest of fresh-picked fruit or gourmet mushrooms. However, sometimes getting the right combination of plants to produce abundant harvests can be tricky. With Park Seed fruit growing kits, we’ve paired beneficial cultivars of apples and kiwi to simplify growing abundant harvests, since these fruiting plants require more than one plant for fruit production.

Park Seed’s easy grow mushroom kits will have you harvesting pounds of savory, earthy mushrooms fresh from your garden. These complete mushroom kits come with growing medium, and most can be grown indoors or out. Outdoor harvests can extend over more than one season, depending on the variety. Try Park Seed’s plugging kit and make a forgotten tree stump into a delicious mushroom garden.

Luscious, beautiful, and easy to grow grape collections will have you snacking from the vine. Select from a duo or trio of top-selling varieties that are seedless and table-ready. These clusters of aromatic fruit droop from twisting trunks atop your trellis or fence. They make scrumptious jams and jellies too.

With tested and proven results, easy growing kits and edible combinations allow you to confidently plant and enjoy the freshest harvest direct from your garden or countertop.