Fujimusume Clematis

'Fujimusume' Clematis

Huge Double Blooms that Repeat!

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A showstopping Clematis ideal for containers or the sunny garden, 'Fujimusume' regales you with two seasons of glorious blooms every year. The first flush produces fully double, large blue flowers, while the second offers slightly smaller, often single-flowered blooms. Both are very welcome and last for many weeks.

'Fujimusume' is a Group II Clematis, a large-flowered variety with brilliant azure-blue color. These flowers reach from 5 to 7 inches wide, and release a subtle, sweet scent. They arise very generously on this climbing plant, first in late spring to early summer and then again near summer's end.

And 'Fujimusume' is a restrained climber, reaching just 6 to 8 feet long. This makes it an excellent choice for patio pots (with an inset trellis or other means of climbing) as well as the sunny border. The rule of thumb with Clematis is to keep its tops in sun and its roots in shade, so mulch heavily after planting, and pamper it the first year with rich, composted soil and plenty of water. Clematis can take a year or two to find its feet, but then grows and blooms for decades with little attention from you beyond its annual late-winter pruning!

Called the Queen of the Climbers, Clematis is a traditional companion to Roses, but also climbs open-habit shrubs and even small trees beautifully. This compact variety is more versatile than most, growing well even in limited spaces. You will love beautiful 'Fujimusume'! Zones 4-8.