Early Fuyu Persimmon Tree

Early Fuyu Persimmon Tree

Armloads of Delicious Fruit -- 3 Weeks Sooner!

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Now you can get fruit from the most popular persimmon in Japan -- the classic Fuyu -- up to 3 weeks sooner each year! Early Fuyu is ready to harvest its delicious fruits in September or October, making it possible to grow farther north!

This tree is as beautiful as it is useful. Reaching just 10 to 12 feet high in containers (considerably larger, after more than a decade's growth, in the garden), Early Fuyu thrives in full sun to up to half shade. It loves moist, even boggy soils, and needs plenty of water in containers. In return, it brings you not only 50 pounds of fruit every year, but also spectacular autumn foliage of gold, orange, and red!

Early Fuyu begins bearing quite young -- the second or third season after planting. It lives for many decades, improving in beauty with each passing season. Very adaptable to anything but dry soil, it is a multi-season delight you will treasure! Make it a focal point of the garden or patio. Hardy to 0°F. Zones 7-11, or anywhere in containers (bring it indoors before first frost).