Galvanized Steel Potting Bench

Galvanized Steel Potting Bench

The Toughest Potting Bench in the World!

Galvanized Steel
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Let's face it: potting benches get abused. We slam 50-pound sacks of potting soil down onto them, pot up small trees in heavy pottery planters, throw down trowels, stack them high with everything in the garden during winter, and even occasionally sit on them ourselves! Wimpy wood or plastic isn't going to cut it for the serious gardener's potting shed. So . . . enter 18-gauge galvanized steel!

This 47-pound bench stands up to all the conditions described above, not to mention high winds, heavy rain and snow loads, and anything else you and Mother Nature toss its way. And the best part? It looks beautiful, with a sleek minimalist design, compact stature, and smoothly polished surfaces that clean with a single swipe of a cloth or pass with a hose.

Standing 44 inches high and wide, the Galvanized Steel Potting Bench is 2 feet deep, with a second shelf 10 inches deep. Rust-resistant and easy to assemble (surprisingly easy, actually!), it's handsome enough to put in your sunroom or conservatory, but also makes itself at home outdoors, in the elements, without difficulty. Of course it's great in the greenhouse or potting shed, too, but it's so good-looking you can stand it right out on the deck or patio and let it double as a display area for your potted plants when you aren't busy potting up seedlings, taking cuttings, dividing perennials, and doing all manner of other chores at it!

This potting bench defines the idea of value for money. The materials and workmanship are first-rate. The design is elegant and useful. And the durability is amazing. It's going to last forever, without a speck of trouble, and look great while doing so. Make it part of your outdoor landscape today!