Garden Box Collections

Garden Box Collections

So many to choose from!

Allium Garden Box Collection:

This mix includes 25 bulb and 5 varieties of alliums: Albopilosum, Violet Beauty, Purple Sensation, Multibulbosum, and Mount Everest. This bundle of deer-proof ornamental onions boasts a pleasing array of rounded flower heads in a range of colors from purple to white that attract butterflies and make excellent cutflowers.

Daffodil Garden Box Collection:

Combination includes 40 bulb and 6 varieties: Narcissus Tete a Tete, Quail, Martinette, Thalia, Rip van Winkle, and Minnow. This collection includes 40 bulbs. Each of these 6 varieties presents charming upright, cut-worthy flowers in radiant shades of white, yellow and gold which are eager to liven up your spring garden.

Naturalizing Garden Box Collection:

This large collection contains 100 bulbs consisting 7 fan-favorite varieties of gorgeous, easy to grow spring blooms that are sure to astound for years to come! Collection includes Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Alliums, Muscari, Galanthus, and Anemone.

The packaging is beautiful and perfect for fall gifting. Someone's birthday is coming up, and they would love this! Plus, it's always nice to show up to Thanksgiving dinner with a gift for the lovely hostess!

Within the box, the bulbs are secured in strip packaging, meaning the bulbs are separated by variety but attached still to each other. There is information printed on the strip between bag 1 and bag 2. To identify which bulbs are which, hold the strip with the writing towards the top: the first bag (top) is the Allium Albopilosum, the second bag is Allium Violet Beauty, the third is Purple Sensation, 4th is Multibulbosum, and 5th (bottom) is Mount Everest