Garden Cart

Garden Cart

Your All-Purpose Carrying Cart!

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Just right for every chore from setting out new plants to moving a hose to installing a fence, the wooden Garden Cart is wonderfully simple and easy to use. With a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet and a removable front panel, it is game for hauling your most challenging garden equipment!

Its low center of gravity makes the Garden Cart ideal for rocky, uneven, and sloping landscapes where using a wheelbarrow is perilous at best. The 20-inch-diameter spoked, pneumatic wheels have ball-bearing hubs and stand the test of time beautifully. The sturdy sides and front are just made for bearing awkward and heavy loads, and the height -- the base of the bed is about a foot off the ground -- is ideal for easy maneuvrability, both of the cart itself and of cargo in and out of the bed. In short -- no hoisting, dragging, or rolling anymore for you!

The front panel removes entirely, or can be swung outwards in either direction. This revolutionary "3 way" opening makes getting any load on or off the Garden Cart super-easy. Even difficult cargo such as topsoil and mulch slides out simply without tilting or shoveling!

The Garden Cart holds up to 300 pounds of cargo, and can be pushed or pulled via a wide, comfortable aluminum handle. Classic design and innovative touches combine in this all-purpose garden vehicle! Plan on a life time of use. 67 pounds.