Garden Tunnel Cover and Wire Kit (50 ft)

Garden Tunnel Cover and Wire Kit (50 ft)

Design Your Own Row Covers -- Instantly!

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Don't let rough weather, pests, or short growing seasons limit the productivity of your garden! With this Garden Tunnel Kit, you can instantly assemble protective tunnels for up to 50 feet of garden, raising the soil temperature by several degrees and shielding tender plants from the worst of rainstorms, wind, and garden pests.

In this kit you get a roll of lightweight, ventilated landscape fabric, enough to tunnel over 50 feet of garden. You also receive 12 wire support hoops. These are very sturdy, 10-gauge wires, designed to sink easily into the soil and stand up to rough treatment.

Many garden tunnels are pre-made, so you have no flexibility about their size. This kit lets you design tunnels that fit your individual garden. Straight rows in the traditional farm-crop model may not be how you are growing your plants; this kit enables you to be creative with the coverage!

Simply cut the fabric to the desired length, space the hoops about 5 feet apart unless closer coverage is needed for smaller lengths, and secure the ends of the fabric to the ground by burying them in soil. This makes them easy to lift up and monitor the progress of your plants, as well as to dismantle when the weather changes or the time comes to harvest your produce.

The Garden Tunnel an Wire Kit can add two weeks onto the beginning of your spring gardening and another two to the end of fall. It raises the temperature of the soil within the tunnel just a few degrees, enough to make a difference when light frost strikes or the temperature takes a sudden dip.

The Tunnel is also useful for protecting plants from insect and animal pests that may be in the garden. It won't keep out everything, of course, but it can significantly reduce your plant losses by excluding random flying and crawling pests from reaching the foliage.

Endlessly reusable, the fabric and hoops occupy very little storage space, and the fabric can be hosed off if needed. When it is in place above your garden, it admits light and sunshine, but excludes much of the strong winds and rains that may be plaguing the garden. You just can't beat this quick, easy, economical protection!