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Gard'N Paper

Completely biodegradable, it gets the job done!

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Such an effortless mulch, this 100% post-consumer fabric (Kraft paper) lays down in seconds, works all season, then biodegrades into the soil, actually improving it! At last, a mulch that is economical, effective, and beneficial in many ways!

Covering 2 feet by 25 feet (but adjustable to any size; it cuts easily), this all-natural mulch is ideal to keep moisture in the soil, tamp down weeds, and prevent erosion. Because it contains no chemicals or pesticides, it's perfect for the vegetable patch. And at the end of the season, you just till or shovel it into the soil, where it breaks down (it's 100% biodegradable) and builds your soil. Ahh--why can't all of gardening be such a win-win?!