Gateway Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

Gateway Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

Best Downy Mildew Resistance of Any Cuke!

(P) Pkt of 20 seeds
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Gateway is a long, dark green cucumber from seed that stands up to downy mildew and other diseases better than other slicers. These 8½- to 9-inch fruits are delicious, holding well on very adaptable plants.

Gateway's disease resistance package is unbeatable. It is highly resistant to target leaf spot, angular leaf spot, scab, anthracnose, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus. It offers intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, downy mildew, and papaya ring spot virus. Best of all, its intermediate resistance to downy mildew is the absolute best on the market. You will be successful every time with Gateway!

Direct-sow seeds in a sunny spot after all danger of frost is past, or start indoors and transplant when the first true leaf appears. Cucumbers can be allowed to grow on the ground, but for longer, straighter fruit and to save garden space, grow them in a cage or on a trellis, allowing 1 foot between plants. Keep them well-watered, and keep the fruits picked promptly. Pkt is 20 seeds.