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Gauntlet Gardening Glove

Gauntlet Gardening Glove

These Superior Gloves are Designed for Maximum Comfort and Complete Dexterity

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What do you get when you give someone a pair of Gauntlet Gloves? Comfort, dexterity, and superb performance. Featuring a padded, puncture-resistant, synthetic leather palm that offers protection from sharp or abrasive materials, reinforced fingertips that allow for longer wear, and wide synthetic suede cuffs that fit comfortably over long sleeves, they're ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time pruning or working around plants with thorns.

These gloves are designed to provide as much protection as possible while also allowing for maximum dexterity, which they accomplish beautifully. But they're also supple and breathable, so they're just as comfortable as they are practical and hardworking, which is something every gardener can appreciate! And if they get dirty, they can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and line dried.

Medium: Fits glove sizes 6½-8 (for most hands)
Large: Fits glove sizes 8½ and over.