Gaylussacia Berried Treasure™

Gaylussacia Berried Treasure™

This Blueberry Relative Sets Yummy Fruit!

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This native species is a robust and compact shrub with glossy evergreen foliage which takes on a burgundy color in autumn. In spring it sports small bell shaped white to pink flowers which later become edible blue berries. The berries are like traditional blueberries except they have fewer and larger seeds.

Box Huckleberry (also known as Box Whortleberry) grows low to the ground, making it an excellent groundcover and a reliable interest for years to come. The foliage rises about a foot or so off the ground from ample rhizomes, and its tiny white flowers attract butterflies and are also a great boost for local bee populations. The blooms are followed by berries, beloved by birds, wildlife, and humans alike!

This shrub prefers partial shade and is great for naturalizing. Zones 5-8.