Zuki-Rindo Gentian

Zuki-Rindo Gentian

Magnificent Late Color in Flower and Leaf!

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A glittering jewel for the shade, this Gentian is a valuable source of late-season color that will make your garden glow! Over a period of many weeks beginning in late summer, pointed magenta buds open to rich mauve-purple blooms, trumpet-shaped and very long-lasting. Then, as summer turns to fall and the temperatures drop, the green foliage of this plant turns bright orange! What a show!

Zuki-Rindo is just 6 to 8 inches and reaches no more than a foot wide (it's a slow grower, to boot!), but what an impact this perennial can make! Resistant to nibbling rabbits and very long-lived, it establishes in sunny (in the north) to partly shaded (everywhere else) garden spots, and really needs a climate where summers are fairly cool. Rich acidic soil is best, but beyond the pH requirement, it can be clay, sand, or loam -- Zuki-Rindo does not care!

Use this Gentian as edging, in small groupings for a brilliant accent, and in any bare spot in bed or border that needs a pick-me-up. The foliage is spreading and well-branched, staying low to the ground. And the flowers face upward, for maximum showiness!

A very special addition to any garden, Zuki-Rindo will bring you many seasons of late color. And as the summer blooms pass, you will really appreciate fresh color from such a compact little source! Zones 4-9.