Geranium Seeds

Add a Splash of Summer to Your Garden!

​​A red geranium in a terracotta flower pot is one of the icons of summer! The annual forms of geranium are actually Pelargonium, known as crane's bills due to the look of their seed pods. Though red geraniums are a favorite, we also have geranium seeds in the flower colors of white, pink, lavender and apple blossom. If you can’t decide, not to worry. We have a mix that includes all the colors. Beautiful in every form, geraniums are a gardener's best friend!

Geranium flowers are so popular because they can add vibrant color to any garden, whether it’s in a container, a hanging basket or a backyard garden bed. Use them as the star of a mixed flower container garden or plant them alone in single pots that line the entry stairs. Geranium flowers are fabulous massed together as a bedding plant. Best of all, geranium seeds are such an easy plant to grow and yet the resulting plants are absolute showstoppers. The continual production of large flower heads provides blooms throughout the growing season from your geraniums. These plants will tolerate heat, as well as high humidity, and are rarely bothered by pests. Even southern gardens can be successful with these geraniums.

Your geraniums will continue to produce flowers throughout the summer and into fall. If you bring your geraniums inside before the first frost, they will continue to live and can be returned outdoors in the spring. It is possible for geraniums to survive for years with indoor care in the winter,

Park Seed offers geranium seeds all year round, so you can start your own indoors. Use your Bio Dome to make it easy to grow these beautiful geraniums. Take advantage of our wide variety of geranium seeds for sale and splash your garden with endless color all season long.