Gerbera Festival Mix (pack of 3)

Gerbera Festival Mix (pack of 3)

Big, Bold Color for 4 Months or More!

Enjoy the most elegant bouquets the garden has to offer with super-easy, long-blooming, beautiful Gerbera Daisies! Our Festival Mix is a happy blend of the brightest shades and most interesting flower forms, so each plant brings a new surprise on every stem! And with a summer-through-fall bloomtime, you'll keep your vases full and still have enough to dot the color with a shower of brilliant color!

These flowers are enormous -- up to 5 inches across! -- and packed with petals around a small dark eye. Some have two layers of traditional daisy petals, while others are fluffy like pompons and still others have needle-thin, frazzled petals in a style called "spiders"!

Butterflies adore them, and so will you, for they arise on very thick, sturdy stems just made for cutting. And the more you cut, the quicker you get fresh buds to replace the old! You can't beat that!

The colors in this mix range from deep red to scarlet to shades of pink, plus yellow, golden, orange, and white in all combinations. About the only thing they all have in common is their beauty, and this is one annual plant you'll want to plant a few extra of, just to see what new surprise awaits you!

Gerberas love sunshine, and appreciate a good humus-y or well-composted soil. Water them well for best blooms! Hardy in zones 8-10, they are happy to overwinter indoors or in a frost-free location farther north, and thrive as a container plant. The stems reach a foot long, but the foliage is much shorter, forming a nice rosette about 10 to 14 inches wide. Reserve your best flowerpots for these beauties! Pack of three plants in 4-inch pots.

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