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Giselle™ Clematis

Giselle™ Clematis

Supremely Easy and Adaptable

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Shining by itself or sharing the spotlight with Roses in a spectacle of color, Giselle™ is a young starlet in the Clematis world! With creamy pink, pointed petals 5 to 6 inches in size with red anthers and bold foliage, it's a showstopper! When you see it, you'll want to stop and admire its rich color and stylish form.

Marvelous with Roses at the base of an archway or in a border, Giselle™ is also fantastic on a deck, patio, or balcony in a container. Highly versatile, it forms a splendid combination with shrubs with purple foliage.

Giselle™ blooms vigorously in spring to fall, slowing down but continuing in warmer weather. The flowers fade gradually as they open, maturing into a pale pink shade, contrasting wonderfully with dark stamens. Amazingly adaptable to cooler climates as far north as Canada, it is extremely heat tolerant, capable of handling tropical climates such as Cuba and Hawaii.

Introduced in 2013 at the Chelsea Flower Show, this healthy and durable pink performer develops flowers from top to bottom, growing best with pruning in early spring. Flourishing in full sun but adaptable to some shade, Giselle™ thrives in moist, well-draining soil. This sturdy Clematis is resistant to pests and disease.

For dynamic, pink flowers for several months each year, Giselle™ is an outstanding selection. Its adaptability to climate and durability make it an exciting variety of Clematis. Pruning Group 3.