Raspberry Glencoe

Raspberry 'Glencoe'

The Container Raspberry You've Waited For!

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You will love growing raspberries right on the porch, patio, and deck! 'Glencoe' is a cross of a black and a red raspberry, and the result is gourmet fruit on a habit so compact, you could put this shrub in a large pot!

'Glencoe' is self-fertile, so you need only one -- though once you taste these dark red to purple berries, you'll wish you had a dozen plants! -- and it has only a scattering of soft thorns, which makes harvesting a wonderfully pain-free process for you. In the garden, it will reach its full size of 2-5 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide, but in containers, it adapts to the available root space.

This luscious raspberry harvests in fall, following small spring blooms. Prune it each year to increase its multi-stemmed bushiness and stimulate new blooming and fruiting, and you're done! Full sun and plenty of water are all it needs!