Go Away Deer and Rabbit Repellent RTU

Go Away Deer and Rabbit Repellent RTU

Protects Fruit, Vegetables, and Root Crops from Animals!

1 Quart
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Keep deer, rabbits and squirrels from snacking in your garden with Go Away Deer and Rabbit Repellent! Apply the convenient spray directly to your fruits, vegetables, and roots -- all your garden edibles! -- to keep predatory animals from nibbling on your produce.

The primary ingredient of this all-natural pest repellent is hot pepper, so it is perfectly safe around children, pets, and plants. It won't even hurt the predatory animals -- just make them look elsewhere for their dinner! And it contains no harmful chemicals for the environment.

Go Away Deer and Rabbit Repellent also works well sprayed directly onto the foliage of your ornamental plants. The same deterrent works anywhere in the garden to keep potential nibblers away from your best plants! Easy and safe, it is a pleasure to use.

Pick up several bottles of solution to last you all season long! You won't believe how much better your garden looks without chewed leaves and bitten fruit! 1 Quart.