Golden Eye Bidens Seeds

Golden Eye Bidens Seeds

Honey-scented Trailing Blooms for Months!

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One of the most welcome additions to any sunny garden or patio, Golden Eye is a Bidens developed especially for baskets and window boxes! Nearly prostrate, it trails magnificently, tossing out honey-scented blooms every inch of the way!

These charming yellow-gold daisies are tiny and unbelievably profuse, arising on short stems just above ferny foliage of bright green. The honeybees and butterflies find them immediately, sip their nectar, and come back for seconds, thirds, and hundreds over the nearly endless midsummer-to-mid-fall bloom season.

Golden Eye reaches just a few inches high and spreads 10 to 12 inches wide. A fast grower, it loves heat, doesn't mind humidity, and can tolerate periods of drought, although the best flowering will always be when the plant is consistently watered. The foliage is handsome as well, with a finely cut, ferny look.

This Arizona-to-Mexico native plant is a half-hardy perennial, grown everywhere as an annual. The seed is easy to start: lightly cover it (or drop it into the bio sponges of the Bio Dome), keep the temperature at 55 to 65 degrees F, and expect germination within 3 weeks. It needs light to germinate, and high humidity is appreciated both during and after germination. Pinch the young seedlings at about 2 inches high, and transplant into the garden or container when the spring weather is nice and warm, well past the last anticipated frost date. Then get ready for 4 months or more of blooms! Pkt is 25 seeds.

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Beautiful, highly floriferous, but much bigger than advertised....
Allegra from CA wrote on May 31, 2017

This is an amazing plant, but when they say 6 inches high and 12 inches wide don't believe it. Mine are 3 feet high, 4 feet across. Luckily I have the space for them. They both cascade over the edges of raised beds AND provide some height. They are the hands-down favorite for every pollinator in the area; every bee and butterfly checks them out first before going to dine on the other flowers I grow for them (just this morning I counted 8 bees, 2 monarchs, and a swallowtail plus a few hover-flies as well -- all on one plant at the same time). At a distance of just a few feet the ferny foliage sort of fades away and the impression is of a beautiful cloud of golden-yellow blooms floating in mid-air. They are exquisite. They started blooming in March (this is California) and now (mid-May) are literally covered in blooms. I deadhead every few days and the flowers just keep coming. Perhaps I've given them ideal conditions because they are really huge, but since I have the space for them it's ok that they're so much bigger than advertised. This isn't a flower for a formal garden, but for a relaxed form and an unbelievably lush flower display this is one of the finest plants I've ever grown. They light up the garden like few other plants and provide a feast for pollinators -- a real garden work horse. I can't recommend it too highly.