Echinacea Butterfly™ Golden Skipper

Echinacea Butterfly™ 'Golden Skipper'

So Compact and Colorful All Summer Long!

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Big, bright and bold! That's an appropriate description of 'Golden Skipper', a new single coneflower named after the well-known butterfly of the same color!

But it's hard to do justice when describing this dynamic member of the Butterfly ™ Series. The lemon-yellow petals stretch out from the dramatically raised, yellow-brown cone to form a dynamic, attention-grabbing addition to any garden or floral display. Butterflies and birds flock to 'Golden Skipper', preferring the ease of the single-petal coneflower to doubles when feasting on seeds and nectar.

Compact and durable and with plentiful branches, 'Golden Skipper' is an outstanding selection for mass planting, borders or containers. Reaching 15 to 18 inches in height, the colorful coneflower also shines in foundation plantings, urban gardens, and wildlife gardens. And it also makes a great cut flower!

Blooming from June through September, 'Golden Skipper' will provide lustrous color and attract hundreds of happy butterflies to your garden during the entire summer! Resistant to disease and pests, the durable Coneflower can be depended on to fulfill its role with beauty and strength.Patience isn't needed. 'Golden Skipper' reaches its full size in one growing season - faster if in a container!

This spectacular Coneflower grows like an annual. Thriving in full sun and moist, well-drained soil, 'Golden Skipper' is versatile, adaptable to various climates and conditions. A little, but not too much, mulch aids growth in growth. For best results, leave spent flowers until early spring to avoid unnecessary moisture in the crown. The spent flowers can also serve as food and a winter perch. You'll love how easy and beautiful this Echinacea is!